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Here is my Photon Galaxy Rank 8 Deck profile. Please try out this build when you get the chance. I hope you all enjoy!
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37 thoughts on “Yugioh Photon Galaxy Rank 8 Deck Profile Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand

  1. This is an extremely bad photon/galaxy deck just saying. It's very inconsistent. I run photon/galaxy also so I know when one is good. you should consider remaking it to have it run good.

  2. add starliege lord galaxion. 2 lvl 4 photon to xyz him out and instant way to get out Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon from hand or deck

  3. you should only run 1 starliege paladynamo and run one starleige lord galaxion helps get out galaxy eyes 🙂

  4. Ok u have to put in galaxion its to good in this deck and plus put the gimmick puppet xyz in here same for crusher who is good in the deck lower thrasher to 2 lower accelight i believe its called to 1-0 put in book of moon and possibly rota for thrasher and crusher which crusher at 3 is good and maybe tech pirate since it can make it an easy 2000 attack monster for galaxy eyes to be summoned just my thoughts

  5. You could have put one starlige lord galaxion in your extra deck because it summons galaxy eyes with its eff.

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