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39 thoughts on “*YUGIOH* BEST! FELGRAND DECK PROFILE! FT. BLUE-EYES! BUDGET! JANUARY 2018 (YuGiOh Deck Profile 2018)

  1. I’ve found future fusion is great for getting all your mills taken care of and you get to pop out a massive dragon sometimes

  2. Hey Sam, Do you think you could take a look at building Demise Felgrand, I would love to see your take on the build. I've been considering playing an artifact engine to cover the decks weaknesses ie. Backrow removal and Banishing (called by the grave/evenly matched).
    and with torrential at 3, return of the dragon lords can become a raigeki!

  3. i love felgrand deff my favorite architype even if it has wack support lol. keep updating this deck pls!

  4. Can you do this deck again since tofu is banned now? Also, why use Vjrayana when you can use ancient fairy dragon? Why a blue eyes white dragon instead of another dragon spirit of white, is it the white stone of legend? Also, why did you add in red eyes darkness metal? It wasn’t in the last video.

  5. This is my main deck. I also play future fusion in it and the 5 headed dragon, so i dump 5 dragons and end the following turn 😉

  6. The Deep-Eyes Chaos Max tech with Felgrand is something I've been toying with. Very fun and it just stomps over Pendulum Magicians

  7. Old duelist here,just wanna ask.
    Is there a possibility a normal deck win over new meta like syncro and pendulum?
    Like dark magician deck,elemental heroes,monarch

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