Why has this Jayce been Challenger last 2 seasons despite Jayce having a 44% win rate? Season 10

Jayce has a 45% win ratio in Diamond plus and a 44% win rate in Challenger in Season 10. He is rated the 45th out of 46 top laners in the game. Despite this weakness, there is a Jayce player who finished the last 2 seasons in Challenger and had 3 accounts in Challenger at the end of Season 8. He was able to get to challenger with an incredible 75% win rate with Jayce. In his sophomore year at Maryville, they have been to 5 LAN tournaments and have made the finals 5 Times, and won twice. One win was a national title, and two of the finals were international tournaments against the best in the world. Why is he able to consistently hold the title of the Best Jayce player in North America? His name is Niles and he is here to share his secrets with us with this Jayce Guide for Season 10.

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