Traveling Vietnam: Hanoi to Halong Bay

Traveling Vietnam: Hanoi to Halong Bay.
Hey guys! Today we’re taking you with us to Halong Bay. This is our last stop in Vietnam, before flying back to Bangkok and preparing for the next adventure… India.

This was our first time exploring Halong Bay, I imagine many years ago it was a pristine wonder of the world. The limestone cliffs rising out of the emerald waters are awe-inspiring. Unfortunately the breathtakingly beautiful waterscape has been tainted, with trash… lots of it. Some areas were cleaner than others, the area we kayaked through was especially gorgeous. Ti Top island had a nice viewpoint, however, the beach itself was over crowded, and while there were many people swimming there, we opted to skip the swimming. One of highlights of the trip was exploring the cave.

While it was worth experiencing Halong Bay, it was our first and last time. Thanks for coming on the adventure with us!



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