Tour Guide Jobs – How to get a job as a tour guide? Tips for getting a job as a travel guide.

Free PDF: 63 tour companies that hire tour guides:

Video explaining difference between a tour guide and tour director:

101 Tour Ideas –

80+ Places to list your tour online:

Let’s start with some good news. The overall number of tour guide jobs is growing globally, and the WTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) shows reports that global tourism continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy! When asking ‘How to get a job as a tour guide?’ I believe there are at least 7 questions you will need to ask yourself first!

In this video I also share some insights into looking for a tour guide job, discuss some of the advantages of working for a smaller or larger tour company and how you can work as a guide internationally or locally.

As mentioned, here are a number of resources to help you on the job search.

First, our amazing Be a Better Guide Team put a lot of effort into researching a list of the largest tour guide employers on the planet. There are over 63 companies on this list that hire guides from all over the world! Use it to research what they are up to and reach out if you are interested in their hiring process. This free PDF can be downloaded right here:

Second, here is another one of our videos that will help you understand the distinction between ‘tour guides’ and ‘tour directors’. You’ll need to decide which has more appeal to you, as it will mean approaching different companies to get your tour guide career underway!

Third, here is a list of 101 different tour ideas from our friends over at Tourism Tiger. This list is not only amazingly long, but it also shares company websites for each different tour type. Scroll through for inspiration, or maybe even reach out to some of the companies to find your dream job. Check out the list here:

Fourth, another list from Tourism Tiger that shares over 80 different places where you can list your tours and activities online. This list will be a big help to you if you are interested in becoming a freelance guide or start up your own tour company! Furthermore, I highly recommend checking out this listing sites and services, as you can find out what other guides and companies are doing in the area you want to work.

Holy cow… that’s a lot of resources!

I know that the getting a job as a tour guide is not always easy, and sometimes it can be discouraging. Hopefully these tools will help you on your way to finding that perfect tour guide job.

As always, be sure to join the Be a Better Guide community for more resources and videos, and thoughtful discussions on what it means to lead unforgettable tours.

All the best and happy hunting!

Kelsey T


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