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Thuy Bieu is the ancient village, located 7 kilometers away from the center of Hue City. Thuy Bieu is surrounded by many unique natural attractions and cultures.Thuy Bieu is merged by two historic villages that are NguyetBieu and LuongQuan. Though, the two villages are united, each village carries its own cultures, traditions and specialties.

In addition to the embracing of Huong River, ThuyBieu is also surrounded by many beautiful landscapes and many ancient constructions such as VongCanh Hill and TuDuc Royal Tomb. Also, looking across theHuong River, you can see the famous spiritual construction, Hon Chen or the famous Thien Mu pagoda.

The beauty of ThuyBieu is spoken through the wonderful taste of its grapefruit, called ThanhTra.ThuyBieu can be known as the motherland of ThanhTra. If you want to experience the peaceful moment walking under series of grapefruit trees, and to taste the most fresh and delicious grapefruits, ThuyBieu is the great place for you to do so.

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