A little later than planned, I show you how I plan my running routes, explain how I lost pixelgirl, and invite you to play a game of porn or YouTube!


In this video I go through my half marathon training for the two half marathons I’m running: in Cambridge and in Welwyn. I’m raising money for two charities very personal to me: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (a charity that saves species from extinction) and Dorothy House (a cancer hospice that provided care for my grandparents) – please donate generously!

All money from adsense on this video series will be added to my donation total at the time of the second half marathon being completed 🙂

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30 thoughts on “Losing pixelgirl – Running Commentary #3

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  2. Dr Clark,
    Could I be provided with an answer to this question
    "Why are you declared Doctor of philosophy in mathematics rather than physics or atmospheric physics???

  3. Um, headphones were invented in 1910, so …
    To be fair, the portable gramophone wasn't around for another 70 years!

  4. I'm just really baffled. I could almost understand why people chose to run, but I don't understand how does that equate to raising money. Well, ok, in this case it's entertainment, but how is it supposed to work if there's no youtube?

  5. Just ran 10 km for the first time this weekend. Such a nice experience. Hoping for a half marathon by the end of the year. Not a goal though.

  6. There is a decent route builder on Strava and you can save them for later! Doesn't have the "walking" directions feature of google though…but I think it uses popular segments to build a point to point route.

  7. no tank top or anything showing us some sexy, sexy skin – BOOOOOOO!!! Unsub. Downvote. Reported for…. Content-ID!!!!!!

  8. Hey great video and just wanted to say thanks so much for donating to Dorothy House, proud to say that its where my mum has worked for so many years now and I think its such a great cause so thanks 😀

    Also weird to spot the occasional location round Exeter that I think I recognise in the background of some of your running; im just reaching the end of my masters in Exoplanet Climatology at Exeter and your videos have been a great balance of interesting and entertaining to me. Best of luck with the second half!

  9. There's a website that does that Google maps thing for ya, idk what it's called but Google jogger plotter or run plotter will bring it up, save you the hassel

  10. I used to run and do 10 miles easily but now some cartilage of my left knee is just crushed. I'm not allowed doing any sports of this kind from now on. It sucks. I'm really down on a psychological level because running basically kept my alive.

  11. Are you from Bath, aren´t you? I went Bath last year, what a cute city, so charming. I had a great time there. I visited the Cathedral, and saw a choir rehearsing, very impressive for so young members.

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