Hirari, Hirari~ Piano Cover [Thanks for 50+ subs!]

I know I do a variety of work on here, from AMVs to singing and piano covers and I really appreciate all of you for subbing! Sorry this is quite a lame gift but I really love this song and wanted to cover it on piano 😀

I actually recorded this a while ago but wanted to see if I could play it better because it’s difficult for me to play through a whole song without making any mistakes (sadly, one found its way in this piece DX) but then I realized I probably won’t be able to play it any better than this due to muscle problems… so this my final result.

Learned from piano sheets and some parts I added in by ear.
Many thanks!




Here is the link to the piano sheets since a lot of people have asked for it. Just remember the parts I added in by ear will not be there~

For those who want the notes I added in by ear or want to compare it to the sheet music (measures 41 – 47), the link to the section is here:

Nguồn: https://jsavets.org

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