With enough organisation, there can be minigames or open events which are often issued by the Reddit clan on their official Discord channel. I saw a minigame named “Diepkart” on the Diep.io subreddit and I wanted to join in for this minigame. It was a lot of fun, but sometimes, there were players on the opposite team trying to kill us when we were issuing races.

Their channel can be found on the Diep.io subreddit, or you can ask some of the clan members.

This is best done in Team Deathmatch since there is no end game, but it could still be possible in Domination or Mothership.

Credits go to the [RDT] clan whom come up with great minigames and lobby events.

Free Songs to use:
Ethan Meixsell – Start Your Engines (Track looped, because the name was very appropriate to the video)

Nguồn: https://jsavets.org

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://jsavets.org/giai-tri/



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  1. How to get more laps faster: go to middie and spin and you already have 2 laps by spinning 2 times in the middle

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