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In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the VinFast SUV Lux SA 2.0 & Sedan Lux A2.0 – rebadged BMWs from Vietnam.

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21 thoughts on “BMW X5 and 5-Series in Vietnamese! VinFast SUV Lux SA 2.0 & Sedan Lux A2.0 REVIEW – Autogefühl

  1. Quality control is the key in such car manufacturing, not just look, unless you have plenty of money to keep buying new car every year.

  2. With that 2.0 174HP not going to make it here in NA with that price tag. ($60,000)
    I know they are trying to compete with Luxury market, but keep in mind, most Japan or Korean car companies started off non-luxury in market until they were ready.
    VinFast might be automotive company, but what I know is that they buys most crucial parts from other car producing companies and this will increase cost of their car.
    Who knows what will happens in 20 years, but I hardly imagining myself even consider buying cars from Vietnamese company under this facts that they almost reminds me of Chinese companies.

  3. This brand car is the child company of Vingroup, the largest group company in Vietnam, they've been the best in resort, hotel, amusement park, estate, etc. And they are the first cars made by VIETNAM (OMG i'm so proud when i say that). V here it's not only mean Vin, it's also represent for Vietnam. And about the driving experiences, i watch some review in Vietnamese and every videos i watch have the good responses about the car. Car sounds cool, accelerate quick and smooth, the AI screen is incredible, etc. Of course, because of being the first generation, they also have many errors but to me, they're not really serious and absolutely acceptable in their price.
    I also have information about the brand (Vingroup): they just released the first smartphone made by Vietnam : Vinsmart which get many very good reviews so far.

  4. That’s should be the way instead of copy. Hired an Italian designer, German technology and learning!!!👍

  5. As a member of car manufacture industry. I will tell you Vietnamese friends. that for a country which doesn't have itself car ,it will take at least twenty years from this beautiful "sample car" to "welcomed" on scale car. Chinese has spent dacades and just finished 50%,so just do. waking up

  6. Hi Thomas,

    Date of 27/12/2019 Turkish automobile presentation was made and brand name's TOGG .

    These cars 100% electric C- SUV and C-Sedan design auto.

    I really belive in your experience about cars. Could you please reply to my some of quesitons for me?

    Question-1 : Is this SUV car looks like a your videos car? (Pininfarina design)
    I'm attach. Videos for you;


    Question-2 : If there is no factory in Turkey, can both factory and 50.000 cars be built in 2 years?

    Question-3 : Is it possible to build electric car charging stations throughout the country (Turkey) within 2 years?

    Question-4 : How long does a new car pass all safety tests?

    For the above questions I gave the answer not possible. My friend said it is possible. I'm very curious about your interpretation.

    Thanks, Thomas

    Your Turks fan from Turkey 👍🏻⭐️


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