Best Way to Travel Nha Trang Vietnam 2020 updated

Complete Guide about Nha Trang Vietnam. In depth information on things to do in nha trang. Popular Vietnam tourism places to Visit such as the famous Diep Son Island, Doc Lech beach. Lets go!

Trip details:
– 9 PM: the night before, I took the sleeper bus from Ho Chi Minh City ” Sai Gon ” to get to Vietnam Nha Trang at 4:30 AM. This cost about 250k per trip.
– 4:30 AM: I booked my hotel via Agoda the night before and I was told that they have the dorm room for check in luggage or to rest if you would like without charges. I really love this option that they provided. I booked for 350k per day.
– 5 AM: Walking distance about 5 mins to get to Nha Trang Beach and chill there until mornig
– 6 AM: I called to rent a motorbike to get around. It is about 120k per day and I visit the market for breakfast
– 6:30 AM: I ordered vegan rice roll and vegan sponge cake for 20k
Then I looked around at Nha Trang, it is recommended to book tours to visit those travel attractions because Nha Trang is an island system. Transportation mostly through boats and canoes. It will be much more expensive if you go by yourself. Booking tours will be a lots cheaper as they will pick you up at hotel, provide lunch, and have a tour guide. Highly recommended.
– 8 AM: the tour picked me up at my hotel. I decided to go to Diep Son and Doc Lech Tour.
-10 AM: We arrived at Van Gia port about an hour drive from Nha Trang, to take a canoe to get to Diep Son Island.
* Diep Son Island: is about 15 mins from the port. It has been very famous in the past 2 years due to having a walking paths between 3 islands. Due to the storm in 2018, the longest path between 2 islands are damaged and you can hardly see the full path anymore, but between the remaining 2 island, there is a smaller pathway 400m which is still available. You can ask to visit there.
– 12 PM: They served complementary meal which is 6 7 courses meal homemade. The island is absolutely amazing with clear green water. Lovely Lunch. After that we took off and go to Doc Let Beach.
– 1:30 PM: we are at Doc Let beach. One of the very best beach in Nha Trang. Clean and much less crowded compared to the beach right at City. I was a little overwhelmed when I was at the city beach because there are way too much people.
– 2 PM: We spent 1.5 hours playing at the beach. Order a cup of mango smoothie for 25k ($1.5)
– 4 PM: Head back to the hotel and end the tour which was 650k

Totalling nha trang travel : ~1065k
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